You Must Read this before using Olaplex

You Must Read this before using Olaplex

  • If you add too much Olaplex to your lightener, hair will not lift! Do not use more than 1/4oz Olaplex to 1oz of Bleach powder mixed with developer. Pay careful attention to scoop size. Many powders contain 1/2oz or 15g scoops. Use 1/4oz Olaplex to 2-3 small scoops.
  • Mix your bleach powder with developer thoroughly first, then add Olaplex. Do not mix Olaplex directly into bleach powder. After everything is mixed together, you can add more bleach powder for consistency.
  • Processing time will take longer using Olaplex. Be patient. It’s worth the wait.
  • You must increase your developer one full volume. 10v to 20v, 20v to 30v, 30v to 40v. Do not use 10 volume. Olaplex dilutes the developer like water diluting cranberry juice. You must bump it up or processing time will take forever.
  • Never use more than 1/8oz of Olaplex into lightener for Balayage. (half way to 1/4oz line on dosage dispenser). Even if you mix 1oz of lightener for Balayage, still use 1/8oz Olaplex.
  • Use 1/8oz of Olaplex in any quantity of base color. Gloss, Semi, demi, and permanent…You do not need to bump up developer with base color. 
  • Olaplex has been used thousands of times with amazing results. The only thing that can go wrong is using too much Olaplex with lightener or not bumping up your developer one full notch. Remember, 1/4oz of Olaplex to 1oz of bleach powder mixed with developer.
  • Simple rule to follow…1/8oz Olaplex mixed into everything except 1/4oz of Olaplex mixed into 1oz of bleach powder mixed with developer. More information is available at

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