Bump Stopper

High Time Bump Stopper Shaving Gel 5.3 oz

Bump Stopper Medicated Shaving Gel[#106] With Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil. A thin film gives thick protection. Beard softeners and conditioners formulate the perfect non-aerosol product for tough beards and problem skin. Low lather gel reduces razor...

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High Time Dare to be Bald 4.75 oz
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High Time

High Time Dare to be Bald 4.75 oz

Dare to be Bald Protective Scalp Lotion An all-in-one balmy lotion designed to condition, protect, and treat the shaved scalp against flaking, sun damage and ingrown hairs. Contains Tea Tree Oil for healing and soothing. Moisturizes and gives desired...

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Magic Shaving Powder Fragrant 4.5 oz

SHAVING POWDER FRAGRANT A Shaving powder (depilatory) formulated especially for Black Men to help stop razor bumps, provides a clean, razorless shave. - Fragranced formulaIngredients: Corn Starch , Calcium Carbonate , Calcium Thioglycolate ,...

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