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MODEL MODEL Qutix Cuticle Remy Yaky 100% Human Hair Weave

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Cuticle Remy is designed by nature to protect your hair. Cuticle Remy can withstand abuse such as heat and brushing, and keep moisture in. Moisture is absolutely vital to young looking hair. Cuticle Remy Qutix Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension by MODELMODEL will give the healthy shine that you want with all its strength. Tangle free.

Cuticle Remy QUTIX Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension! The new superior quality human hair that is stronger, healthier, and more vibrant. QUTIX defines the new class of Cuticle Remy. Cuticle Remy is developed through an ultra-refinishing technology that enhances the longevity and healthiness of premium Tangle Free Remy hair.

Fortified Cuticle Technology. Cuticle Remy QUTIX Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension is 100% Remy human hair enhanced with advanced cuticle reinforcing technology that infuses strength and elasticity to natural hair cuticles to protect and preserve for lasting wear. This allows Cuticle Remy QUTIX Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension to maintain its unsurpassed resiliency wash after wash. Enriched Cortex Technique Our Exclusive peptide feeding technique, also referred as the protein fortifying procedure, thickens and enriches the cortex to thicken and strengthen hair.

Unidirectional Live Cuticles (ULC) of Cuticle Remy QUTIX maintain higher level of tenacity and natural luster due to its "LIVE" and "laid-flat" cuticles that reflect luminescent shine. Importantly, unidirectional hair alignment prevents the unattractive tangles.

Sophisticate Weft Design. With the innovation of Cuticle Remy QUTIX, a new sophisticated wefting technique has been intergrated to create a flexible weft for easy sewing and secure weft for shed-free wear. The new weft design makes Cuticle Remy QUTIX the most hassle-free modern Remy hair in the industry. "Experience the luxury in Cuticle Remy QUTIX Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension."




Youthful Look

Healthy, shiny hair texture provides you a youthful look you always longed
for. Healthiest Cuticle Remy will bring you the radiant natural shine. Unidirectional
Live Cuticles (ULC) of Cuticle Remy Qutix Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension maintain higher level of
persistence and natural luster due to its “live” and “laid-flat” cuticles that
reflect luminescent shine.


Healthy human hair weave / hair extension cuticles endure heat and brushing abuse. Cuticle Remy Qutix Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension is a scientifically approached solution to extend the longevity of your beautiful Cuticle Remy Qutix Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension. Our
exclusive protein fortifying procedure (PFP) thickens and enriches the cortex (stem of a hair) to structure and strengthen weave / hair extension. Cuticle Remy Qutix Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension can maintain its unsurpassed resiliency wash after wash.

Can't keep your hands off the hair

It’s so soft, swingy, and bouncy you cannot keep your hand off the hair.


Simplified process

Cuticle Remy Qutix Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension has the simplest yet meticulous process to maintain its natural healthy texture.

No-shedding weft

Cuticle Remy Qutix Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension by DreamWeaver’s specially designed weft construction provides no shedding and has the added benefit of being lighter in weight.

Special Wrapping Method

Cuticle Remy Qutix Human Hair Weave / Hair Extension comes from far, far away. We ensured that the hair breaths and keeps moisture by wrapping the weave / hair extension with two different types of paper.

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  1. Shampoo and Condition you hair properly. Dry completely before weave / hair extension application.
  2. Apply the weave / hair extension one track at a time to make sure you have even distribution (only professionals should double tracks).
  3. When shampooing. Do Not Rub The Weave / Hair Extension Hair in Circles. This causes tangling and bruising the cuticles. Instead, massage downwards. Keep on running your fingers through the hair while rinsing and shampooing. Follow with a good detangling conditioner.
  4. When combing out, start at the ends of the hair and work up to the root. This is the best way to keep the cuticles smooth.
  5. Avoid applying direct and/or excessive amount of heat when drying to extend longevity of hair.
  6. To maintain fresh look, lightly apply gel, mousse or oil sheen. Oil sheen is not recommended for bonded weave for oil may cause weaves to slip out.


Products with alcohol are harsh on the hair. It causes tangling and dryness.
Celebrity Stylist Janel Smith's Professional review on Model Model Quitx

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Product Reviews

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  1. I loved it 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2013

    I purchased this product a few weeks ago, it was very bouncy and shiny when i first installed, now after about 4 weeks and two washes it is as gorgeous as when i first installed. It does shed a little, but at the end of the day what hair doesn't.

  2. So bad 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Apr 2013

    This hair is so bad, it don;t even desire 1 star. I hate this hair, it tangles and balls up. So dry....... I paid $65.00 for this so called hair. I would not buy it for $5.00. They need to take it off the market. I took this hair out in 4 days.


    Posted by on 7th Mar 2013

    I hate this hair. It sheds and tangles like crazy. You cant allow any of your hair products to touch it. Worst weave EVER!

  4. So-so 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Feb 2013

    What I do like about this hair is that it is very soft and holds curls from flexirods really good but that's it. I have one pack of 16" and two packs of 18" all in #4. I dont know how the #1 and #1b work but this #4 will barely curl with heat.....this hair tangles and dries up so quick its disgusting....and it does shed horribly I have to put it in a ponytail when I cook to keep my family from having a side of Quitx with their meal......its not the worst....but its certaintly not the best n definately not worth the money.....i spent $283 on this crap : (

  5. the best remy hair.! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Oct 2012

    this by far is the best remy hair i've had in in for 8 months straight, it barely shedded and every time i ironed it out it looked the same way it did when i first bought it.!! true fan.!!!

  6. Reply 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th May 2012

    In reply to sealing the tracks.....because the hair is so expensive(41,000 naira in my local currency) no stylist would cut the weft without your approval.so there is no tracks to seal.the extension is weaved round the head with no cuts.....its just shocking that the strands are coming off the weft .and i use big teeth comb instead of d paddle brush because i thought it was the brush that was pulling the hair of the weft but the comb aint working either.wish i could upload some pictures for you to see and understand.

  7. Disappointed 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th May 2012

    I brought from a frd that was in the states for holiday.....the packaging was really nice and all but after fixing the weave ...l noticed it sheds terribly its just 3 days old and am feeling am loosing half the hair already. Am truly disappointed cos i have different types of human hair that does not shed this way and this is the 1st time am using qutix remy.i would have love to recommend to my frds but i dont want them coming back to complain abt the shedding.....toun.....lagos....nigeria....

    Shedding is a very common complaint. Please seal the the tracks after the tracks are cut for size. We have an article addressing this issue coming out very soon. All shedding occurs at the ends where the tracks are cut and those cut ends start to unravel is not sewn back down or sealed.

  8. Worse hair ever!! 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd May 2012

    I spent over 130 on this hair for it to end up in the sink bc it does NOTHING but SHED I want my money back this hair sucks!!!!!

    Hair Stylist must SEAL the Tracks especially in the areas where they are cut and before they are put on the client's head. Weaving hair is sewn on a track with thread. When cut the thread can come loose. This will cause the shedding.

  9. sheds like crazy 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Feb 2012

    I bought this hair 14' & 16'..very soft and smooth..feels really nice...but after a week this hair started shedding like crazy..no products have been used on this hair period.I used a satan scarf on it every night...it came in this nicely red box with some type of literature wrapped around the hair..but I would never purchase this hair again...It was a waste of my money over 150$...

  10. the best hair ever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Feb 2012

    this is some awesome hair. i've had mines in since the second week of oct 2011 and it is now feb. 2012 and i still have it in. i have perm my regular hair and everything with this hair in.. it still feels and look the same as i brought it. to me it looks better.. ive washed it and all.. perfect hair.. no tangles.. no shedding.. no nothing..

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